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Leadership Motives 


If  we am to lead with integrity, we must always confront our own lack of integrity. This demands a willingness to constantly reflect on our motives and the courage to confront our own hypocrisy. It also requires us to allow ourselves the discomfort of inviting the scrutiny of both the Lord and others who care enough to confront us about our motives, our attitudes, and our behavior. 
Reflect and Act on these questions:
Leaders are ambitious people. Ambition can take two forms. First, there is selfish ambition. The intent of this form of ambition is to bring glory to self. The second form of ambition is Godly ambition that desires to bring glory and honor to God. 
Examine your own ambition.
What is the ultimate goal of your ambition?

Is it a selfish ambition or is it a Godly ambition?

One of the most important questions for leaders is “What’s your motive?” We need to ask ourselves that question on a regular basis. But, we also need to cultivate a personal board of directors that we allow to ask us that question.

Who is someone in your life that you will allow to check your motives?

Cultivate a personal board of directors – an inner circle of confidants- who can help you apply the Motive Check List.
Leaders, Lead!

Semper Fi!

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