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Getting Started


Getting started is one of must crucial steps you will undertake in your personal and professional life. You will make mistakes, you will under/over estimate your objectives, you will make bed hires, bad fires. Raise to little money, spend to much money.

Point being, you still have to get started!

Leaders, Lead!

Semper Fi!


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Leaders Get Current


Are you a little out of step with those you are leading, you may require a updated approach to your leadership style.

Your content may be relevant, however if it’s presented in yesterday’s method, you will soon be irrelevant and discarded and outmoded.

Get current on, events, trends, styles and technology.

Stay current and stay relevant

Leaders, Lead!Semper Fi!


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Leadership Begins with Protocol


I have been thinking about leaders and their significant role in and around our lives. Without leadership, we blunder, fall  victim and are led astray.

Protocol is a set of instructions which establishes order. The very foundation of leadership. Protocol is established by God and is implemented by godly men and women in leadership.

Leader, Lead!

Semper Fi


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