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Move Forward! Even When You Feel You Are Alone.

Leadership at times is a lonely position. You are called on to make judgement calls and decisions based upon limited facts, timing and environment. You must know, that you are the leader and must, I repeat must, lead. Do not abdicate your responsibility to lead because no one agrees with you. Quite frankly, it not their call. It yours. Input is always valuable and needed, but the decision to act is yours and yours alone…

Take to heart, you will make mistakes…people will not like the decisions you make….get over it….it comes with the territory.

Leaders Lead!

Semper FI,


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Push Forward!

Leaders! I know you have heard this before, you have to push pass the obstacles that will try to deter you.

It is as important that you push pass your obstacles as the way you accomplish this. Your people are watching your style and actions. Be careful in your pushing.

Semper Fi!