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Meet Friday Payroll : Invent The Future

As part of the series, 8 Traits of the Modern Global Leader, this topic, proved more challenging to write about than expected.

While keeping employees paid and cash coming in is crucial to every business, the leader also needs to look ahead and see what strategies and tactic they must develop today to pay for tomorrow.

The invent the future part of this trait is deceptive, its not really about next week, next month or year…its about how the organization is to evolve, what future leaders will groomed and tried and groomed some more.

The Modern Global Leader needs to balance this urgency of meeting current cash and growing the organization.

No formula here, you have to put this forth intentionally based on your organization and leadership style.

Semper Fi


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Be Results Driven yet people focused

Being results driven yet people focus is the essence of leadership. We accomplish our tactics and strategies through people.

People are the center of leadership. Leaders are truly servants to those they lead, equipping and empowering them to full the set objectives.

Leaders – stay results focused yet develop and enhance your people.

Semper Fi!

Larry Edwards. Jr.