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8 Traits of The Modern Global Leader – Series

The modern global leader must be more than technically proficient their profession. In order to lead in this era, you must harness the following characteristics.

1. Lead Yourself exceptionally well
2. Be Results Driven : People Focus
3. Meet Friday Payroll : Invent future
4. Have a heart : use you head
5. Think corporately : Operate Functionally
6. Lead Others : Manage yourself
7. Feeling Confident : Remain Humble
8. Embracing Team : Prepare to work alone

We will explore each characteristic for the next eight weeks. This should be interesting. Strap it on..time to lead.

Semper Fidelis


A Leader’s Obedience

I wish I could tell you that this characteristic was easy for me, I cannot. I have wrestled with being able to put into words this notion and action of being obedient.

The dictionary defines obedience as: compliance with someone’s wishes or orders or acknowledgment of their authority.

As a Christian, husband, father,son, brother, friend and man I have trouble with obedience. Not that anyone has something harmful or wrong for me, I just want to do it my way.

For years, I did it my way, and was successful by society’s standard. Money, material possessions, nothing long lasting.

However, as I mature and walk more in the role set for me as a leader, I have to embrace and model obedience in my life before those I lead.

This is a strong, level headed decision that you as a leader must choose. This is not for the faint of heart and cowards need not apply.

Everyone has someone in authority over them and walking in obedience ensures that your ego is reigned in and you remain humble and accountable to the call on and in your life.

Whew….next week look for the series on the characteristic of the modern global leader.

Till then,

Semper Fidelis (Always Faithful)


A Leader’s Passion

A leader must harness the passion for that thing which they are pursuing. Never let that passion subside or wither. Instead, continually nurture it.

(this was a supplemental post)

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