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A Leader’s Discipline

Definitiion: noun- the practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behavior, using punishment to correct disobedience.

A leader must exhibit and maintain discipline for himself and the organization they are entrusted with to lead.

Discipline is keeping the ship on course when everyone else has abandoned the course.

Discipline is following the vision and mission when other have their agenda.

Leaders – Master discipline!

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A Leader’s Willingness

Willingness, defined – Ready, eager, fully prepared to do something.

A leader has to set in their heart what they are willing to do. This foundational piece to leading is key. So many contemporary leaders know what they won’t do, but what will they do.

As this center evolves, keep in your mind, what is your willingness quotient…What WILL YOU DO?

A Leader’s Resolve!

Leadership is more than a phase one goes through, its a mandate. Walking out this mandate requires you to be willing, disciplined and obedient.

Over the next few entries we will cover,
1. Willingness.
2. Being Disciplined.
3. Walking In Obedience.

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